Our Strains

WAFERZ is known as an ultra-premium, innovative California based cannabis brand. Founded in 2019 as an individual flower strain called WAFERZ, the brand now has multiple other strains under the WAFERZ umbrella. The individual flavors are being used across other categories, such as pre-rolls and edibles.

“The “Original Waferz” genetics were developed out of the Bay Area in 2019. After many attempts, we formulated an evenly-balanced, top-secret hybrid that delivers a euphoric high with strong feelings of relaxation. We cross this Original Waferz strain with other well-known varieties to create our lineup of world-class flower.

Indica Dominant Hybrid
The Original Waferz is a classic in the making, with a gassy unique flavor profile laden with hints of Girl Scout Cookies and intertwined with strong berry notes, it is a whirlwind of flavor and aroma. Consumers can look forward to a body high that allows for optimal daily function, and an invigorating boost to creative flow.
Our brand’s take on a timeless flavor, Vanilla Waferz combines vanilla with a slight infusion of the OG-based genetics that Cali has mastered so well. This results in a traditional sweet and creamy profile paired with an earthy pine aroma and a prominent Diesel scent. This cerebrally potent strain may provide the consumer with a calm, sedative, head high that makes this strain perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day.
A well-balanced assortment of flavors that includes initial earthy hints of coffee and cookies, perfectly ensconced in robust mint flavor, with a pungent aroma to match. Mint Waferz is meant for a brief, but resonant, departure from frequent stress with an effect that can be described as soothing and lightly sedative; perfect for a relaxing time, afternoon, evening or night.
Sativa Dominant Hybrid
The Neapolitan Waferz strain introduces consumers to a multi-layered confectionary delight of flavors and aromas with a distinct creamy foundation, complimented with subtle notes of blueberry and citrus. A Waferz household staple, Neapolitan Waferz is ideal for those that prefer an active, high-functioning day. Consumers can look forward to a burst of energy that finds the perfect balance between poise and bliss.
Banana Pudding Waferz provides an immediate rush of varied flavors that can be described as a flawless blend with subtle notes of cream and earth, along with a complimentary sweet and spicy aroma. Expect a wave of tranquil, yet active, euphoria that can instill the ideal mindset for creative pursuits and activities.